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transform with Ubfit

Personalized 12-week programs are designed to help you achieve real, sustainable results. Get stronger, leaner, and feel more confident than ever before.

Packages Starting From 150 AED A Session



Consultation & Benchmarking Session

Our consultation session dives deep into your fitness goals, from muscle building to weight loss. We'll then assess your current strength, flexibility, and cardio health to design a customized 12-week program that fits your needs. This ensures we're on the same page before you embark on your journey.


Your Program

Launch your 12-week transformation with a goal-focused session. We'll map out your personalized program, including expert nutritional guidance and meal plan options. Commit to a structured workout schedule on our calendar for optimal consistency. Throughout your journey, we'll stay connected, providing ongoing support and motivation to keep you on track for lasting success.


Lasting Results

Your 12-week program is just the beginning! We're committed to your long-term health and fitness. Join our daily fitness or boxing classes to maintain your momentum and keep those results coming. Our supportive community will keep you motivated and inspired as you continue your fitness journey.

  • Why 12 Weeks?
    12 weeks is a long enough period to see noticeable results from a consistent exercise and diet plan, it's also not so long that it feels overwhelming or discourages you. It creates a sense of an achievable challenge.
  • Who is this program designed for?
    Anybody with a fitness goal! From beginners to pro all are welcome.
  • How much time commitment is required?
    In the consultation session, we can build a plan according to your schedule. We do however recommend at least 3 sessions a week.
  • What are the program's goals?
    The goals are designed based on what you want to achieve.
  • Does the program include a nutrition plan and can you help with meal plan services?
    We will provide guidance on nutrition as well as connect you with our preferred meal provider. Remember without the right nutrition, achieving your goals is twice as hard!
  • What should I do after a 12-week transformation program?
    Stay with us! We offer different classes which are small in nature and will help you further develop your fitness goals.
  • I do not like busy gyms, how is your facility?
    We are a small studio, in your consultation you will have the ability to pick a slot where we have less then 4-5 people in our facility.
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